Self Defense can look like Murder
By: Lone Heron

Having experienced parricide personally I can tell you – it is a situation of
self defense and even though the events of parricide commonly happen when
the parents are not expecting it and the courts deem them guilty because the
threat was not “imminent” what many don’t seem to understand is when the
events that lead to parricide have been continuing over such a long period of time-
they are imminent! When the nightmare continues to happen and just gets
worse and worse and you know it’s going to happen again that makes it

If another country is going to attack us and we know it’s coming it’s ok in
military maneuvers to get the jump and attack first but it’s not ok in a
home where you have grown up under a parent who rules the home like a Nazi
concentration camp? It’s not ok to be in a state of shell shock; that’s the WWI term
for post traumatic stress disorder and fight for your life syndrome. This condition has been
filed under many names throughout history. It is nothing new, but it will never be less awful.

We want to believe that the only one’s who have experienced this are those
who have gone to war- it is impossible for outsiders, even friends and family
to see what truly goes on in parricide situations, just like it took forever
to see what the Nazis were doing. People: you weren’t there, you are not
God, you don’t know and you will never truly understand until you experience
it personally, which I pray you never do but sadly I believe eventually many of
you will because that seems to be what happens to those who pass judgements
on things they don’t know- fate seems to lead them to the experience so they can know.

I personally would absolutely love to see those judges who sentence
parricide children to prison experience one week with my mother as she was
at her peak- I would bet money within one measly week they would start to
think a different way and I wouldn’t give even a year before either the
judge or my mom would be dead.

I will personally challenge anyone who says parricide kids are wrong for
their actions with one question- if you had someone doing things to you like
the Kermodes ( you can read about them in the murder of Jacob,
By: Maryellen Johnson From
do you honestly think you would deserve prison for
saving yourself? I killed my parents when I was 18 in an ultimate act of self defense-
I did not serve a life sentence. – I paid my dues another way you can
read about it – “Inherited Rage” by Lone Heron –