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Inherited Rage Progress report for 2012

2012 Inherited Rage became available to the general public via
Attention was drawn to inherited rage through blogs put out here and through
The pendulum foundation via Mary Ellen Johnson. Mentions were made by
Dan Daily in his blogs. Not much else was Done.
Inherited rage made approximately 500$ profit it’s first year on amazon.
300 dollars of that money was paid to the company hired to get it up on the net
The remaining 200 dollars has been sent and received by Dan daily to install a water pump on the property at Estrella vista. Dan holds open doors on his property for parricide kids to have a place to come home to once they are released from incarceration and are trying to find their place to live free of violence in a violent world- it is a difficult chore.

I am thrilled with the responses I have received from readers – only one in a year had a negative commentary- you can find that one one star review on next to all the five star reviews. And for the record- all of those reviews are from different people -some I know, but more I don’t.
I wrote Inherited Rage with the intention that my story, as dreadful as it is, would help others
I know it is serving its purpose due to the readers response and I am thrilled that it has accumulated enough funds to make a difference for someone else.

If you have read Inherited Rage and have not, please post a review on Amazon – good or bad-
All are beneficial.
To my readers thank you for your support to help raise awareness on
The issues we all face with abuse in our society.

Below you will find a copy from Amazon reports for IR,




For a period of 1 year, 171 copies of IR sold and collected 649.67 in royalties.


The importance of balanced bodywork
and proper foot posture.
By: Deb Jackson, LMT. NMT

I have been practicing bodywork for 20 years- and in that twenty years I have come to realize the way you approach the individual issue you are working with will greatly determine the results achieved. Muscles pull, they do not push and very often where you feel pain is not where it is originating from.

When you go in to see your massage therapist because your aching back has become so ridiculous you want someone to grab the screaming muscle and pull back, you are potentially putting yourself in a position to make the situation worse. If your therapist stretchs an already over stretched muscle chances are high that even if you do get relief it will only be temporary.

It is of utmost importance to look at the bigger picture in situations of pain.

The musculature system works with some similarity to a spider web. If you can imagine a perfect spiderweb spun in a doorway and now pull just one single spider web strand and you will see how that one strand affects the whole web then you are getting a very clear example of how the human musculature system is very similar.

If you pull one muscle it will torque and pull the entire system either directly or indirectly.

In cases of shoulder pain I notice more often than not that the shoulders tend to roll forward and often in or down. This tells me the posterior (back) muscles are overstretched long and the balancing anterior (front) muscles are too short.

I also notice more times than not these same people who have shoulder issues have a tendency toward low back and/or hip pain They almost always have less than balanced foot posture. Either they have a habit of standing on one foot with the other out there in space pointing some opposing direction other than forward. I this is not the case they may be habituated to stand with their feet close together in what I call the good girl foot posture. These imbalanced foot posture patterns will almost always lead to pain and discomfort in the human body.

It is as equally important to identify and develop good foot posture as it is to identify which muscles are too short and which are too long if you want to maintain a pain free musculature system.

In many cases of neck and shoulder tension I see anterior muscles that have contracted very short due to the posterior muscles being overstretched and long. To balance this type of dynamic one must focus treatment to the anterior body and this will release the majority of the pain before actually working on the area of pain.

Massage and bodywork sessions that take these situations into consideration
Will yield much greater results than those who do not.
Here you will now find a letter of testimony that describes the difference in a session that has been designed for an individual with these type of imbalances. The proof that this approach is superior can be found in heather’s unsolicited testimony.
Thank you Heather!

From: Heather Raye
Date: November 1, 2012
Subject: Bodywork

Hi Deb,
Heather Raye here, from yesterday. I wanted to share with you how rewarding my experience with you yesterday was. First of all, like I said yesterday, NOBODY has ever addressed my abdominal area/torso with massage. It was either a massage with no consideration for that area or the exact MD only concerned with the goings on inside my abdomen.
I am amazed at how much difference breathing makes. I felt areas of my body expand and stretch that I had not in years. One of the things beside all the dysfunction in my digestion that I realized may be contributing to the tightness in my chest and stomach is probably because I am constantly holding my stomach in so I do not appear pregnant. I am not pregnant, trust me, but when I relax all the abdominal muscles I appear badly bloated and about 6-7 months pregnant. I am not fat, maybe 8-10 lbs over ideal weight. It seems all that extra weight is right in my belly. If I hold it in, most of it disappears. I’m sure you can address this and we can fix it, but breathing deeply caused me to discover it. I have been in a constant “suck it in” mode since I had my daughter 20+ years ago. That’s A LOT of sucking, ha ha. My abdomen felt so open from the combination of breathing and the body work you did. It was foreign, but I liked it. There was a little tenderness over my liver, but it was a good hurt. It leaves my body yearning for another session, seriously.
The difference in my health from just one visit with you is remarkable and I would be foolish not to pursue it.
I can and should take better care of myself. It’s refreshing to find professionals such as yourself and Dr. Pam who really want to educate and help people feel better instead of stringing them along. You all have been an inspiration to me to try again and take charge of my body and health, and I am very grateful.


Caveman Medicine; Instinctual Intuitive Healing
By: Lone Heron

We come out of the womb moving. Movement and putting things in our mouths is automatic for a healthy new born of any species, without cognitive rational thought, prompts, pie charts or directions, all living things automatically start searching for food as soon as they are free from the embryonic world. Some mammals and avian species need a little help from the mothers, reptiles need no help, but they all arrive seeking. Each individual entity arrives with everything they need to learn from interaction and experience in conjunction with built in programs to heal in the event of injury or illness.

If we fall and scrape our knee, our body heals and repairs the skin, broken bones mend, the immune system rally’s to fight infection and so on and so on, but often injury can leave behind an ache or pain. In these situations we rub these aching painful parts automatically- no one tells us to rub, we just do, and we do it Automatically. If I were a betting person, I would bet the first time the first caveman raised up and hit his head on the cave wall -before he could even finish his cave man howl, his hand or hands were automatically reaching up to rub his head.

When pain arrives we instinctually want to touch it. Massage does make everything better our ancient healers knew this. Our cave ancestors have been found with many things that tell us these things. They rubbed and made poultices and picked weeds to make medicines to facilitate the natural course of things. This knowledge of healing that i believe was originally instinctual in all has been blotted out for many by modern medicine.

Modern medicine has a pill for just about anything that ails you. Chances are high that one little pill will have a whole slew of side effects and will eventually need another little pill to balance and so it goes until the medicine cabinet is overflowing with pills and you are still miserable. But now you’re starting to get locked in and you can’t just quit, there are side effects and withdrawals just like street drugs, in fact many street drugs got there start in our medical realms.

Meth was developed by the Germans and administered to the soldiers because they could fight harder and longer with less food and not be bothered by the cold. Ecstasy was originally an antidepressant that was taken off the market due to the inability to control the highs and lows.
You can research and discover this information for yourself if you really have interest. My point is the medical world are not the enablers of true health they might like everyone to believe.
If you are in a health crisis and are requiring medications please educate yourself on alternative measures- try those first, but understand taking a medicine will never completely heal most illnesses because most illnesses are lifestyle related and unless you change your lifestyle it won’t matter how many pills you take.

Movement is essential to good health. It is true, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Your muscles and connective tissues take up more space than any other body system. Your muscles through movement stimulate all organ functions as well as your brain. Although we all acknowledge the vital necessity of air, water and food, many of us do not acknowledge the importance of activity to distribute all of those necessities.

Massage and bodywork increase the circulation, the circulation delivers nutrients and removes toxins from the tissues. When the circulatory system is functioning easily, all health is better as a general rule. Stress is said to be the forerunner of every disease, massage moderates and balances stress- massage polishes the dirt and grime from the human body the way a car wax deep cleans and shines your car and much more. Massage in my mind is maintenance for the human body and those things we value and care for are the things that return to us. I believe if everybody were to get a quality therapeutic massage just once a month, many medications, injuries and surgeries could be avoided in the future. I know from watching clients that do use massage as a regular healthy maintenance routine that the chances of catching the cold or the flu are greatly reduced and many of these people never get sick and when they do they rebound so much faster than those who do not engage in regular therapeutic massage.

I believe massage is something that came built into our natural healing instincts but we have allowed modern technology to lure us away from our own natural instincts. I believe the time has come to bring ourselves back to those things that keep us balanced instead of further feeding the imbalance. I know massage, chiropractic, herbs, and other alternative paths of recovery take more time than the quick fixes of the medical world but they leave you in a healthier stronger place if you are willing to do the work. Quality and quantity are two different things and if you do not feel a notable improvement after receiving massage then check out another therapist. In cases of chronic pain things can be made worse if you rub them the wrong way. There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything and that includes massage. So find yourself a qualified massage therapist instead of an amateur backyard lotion spreader if you want to achieve optimal results.