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See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil
By: Lone Heron


Who among us has not fought the battle of deciding- do i tell or keep quiet?
We have all been imprinted with- see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil-
but where is the program for doing no evil when it’s done to us?

Both mine and Jacob Ind’s mothers wished us dead before we ever really knew what dead was.
15 yrs apart on opposite sides of the country we experienced frighteningly similar childhoods. We both came into a world where our mothers really did not want us and the hell began.
15 and 18 years later Jacob and I ended our hell by similar measures. The paths we took to get there were slightly different but thick with similarity. If ourstories were compared to others of similar nature I am betting there are even more markers to be found. I am betting this kind of study could reveal a profound foretelling or forewarning that these events are not only highly probable, but in certain situations most certain and nothing less than evacuating the child to some other place where there best interests would be maintained will do.

I propose one place that might be would be a self sustaining working farm where this child could become part of a community that was geared for this purpose alone.
One well managed farm should be able to handle 1-200 kids at a time while also providing a job/housing arrangement for the public that would provide these kids the opportunity to learn a new way to be while giving back to the community. 3-4 of these scattered around the country would take these special children out of the modern day concentration camps we call prison.

All participants would work collectively on this farm all would have chores and responsibility.
One working for all and all working for one.
Connected we stand- divided we fall-
It’s time to re-connect and stand tall.

To do that we must share and so that’s Exactly what I am doing here- I am sharing what I know in hopes that it will somehow help. If you find my post helpful please let me know. If you have answers to my questions, then I would like to talk to you over tea. If you wish to attack me negatively in any way, it really is gonna make me suspicious about You and why you respond so strongly Because this s not about me. We might have to have a long talk to get to the bottom of it or in some cases for those who just want to argue for the sake of argue- just walk on by. It is my intention to do everything I can to help us find a better way and nothing more. My dreams are not wealth or status my dreams are for change that brings peace, acceptance understanding joy and happiness.

Proceeds from
Inherited Rage by lone Heron
will be directed to create funds to establish just such a farm as the one mentioned above. If you can help with this dream please contact us- let us know how you can help. otherwise ~ well taxes aren’t getting any cheaper and I don’t know about you but I would rather see the incarnated youth growing there own food, I think ploughing the field and mucking out the milking cows stall and collecting eggs is a better option than a 6×8 concrete cell like uncommon pound animal.
I would like to see them learning about life from mother nature and recovering to be a productive participant rather than another tax dollar on my aching wallet.

The murder of Jacob by MaryEllen Johnson can be found at
under MaryEllen’s blog.


By lone heron

We all make them, who among us has not had to trade in one thing in order to have another? Sacrifice means different things for different people. For some people, like Jacob Ind, it meant giving up their freedom simply so they could live- for others it means giving up their life for someone else to live.

Sacrifices are just part of life – they are a choice, although sometimes they don’t seem like a choice. Often sacrifices seem like situations that arise from a chain of events that demand a person make a certain choice they would rather not make- but that is the sacrifice. Go to school or raise the kid is an example many have faced.

Sometimes choices and sacrifices are made for us if we cant decide for ourselves. Other times our choices and options are taken from us and made for us without option. Our government and medical systems do this in many ways. What I wonder is how can this be when without the people the government would not, could not exist. What will those officials sacrifice to keep their seats of power? I wonder do they sacrifice their humanity to pass judgements and rulings? – Do they become more jaded and cruel due to all of the negativity they deal with? Is there any real way to determine another’s remorse? Is there any real way to judge another’s redemption or are politicians simply little power hungry children playing God?

Are those children who die at the parents hands just another Christ sacrifice?
Are the children who kill their parents for reasons they don’t truly understand at the time any more wrong than the man who would kill a burglar who entered his house in the middle of the night? If murder is so wrong then why do the basic tenants of life require it? You must kill something to live- you gotta eat. If we devour our plants into extinction is this not a form of murder?

The law likes to play with words- 2nd degree, 1st degree, manslaughter. But death is death- Doctors screw up and kill people every day – aprox 100,000 per year and it has nothing to do with murder— or does it? No I think there is some other label our legal leaders have been able to loop hole those killers through I think they call it malpractice insurance! The medical system kills at least 100,000 people per year- its not intentional- they don’t want their guinea pig patients to die, but it is a risk they are willing to take to fill their pockets with gold.

I like what buhhda said “I like your Christ, but not your Christians, they are so unlike your Christ”. The more I learn about Buddhist, the more I like their religion- After all, I have never heard of a Christian who valued life so much they would bend to save an earthworm from the tip of a shovel- but I have known many Christians who gave no second thought to stepping and crushing the life from it’s small body- very much like a parricide parent treats a parricide child.

“Inherited Rage” is my story of survival and recovery and is available as an Ebook at “The murder of Jacob” can be found under Mary Ellen’s blog at
Read-learn-get involved- join us in the goal of making the world a better place through communication, understanding and resolution of those events which lead to parricide.

The Gamble of Life

By: lone Heron

Life is a gamble- that’s pretty much it really. There are no guarantees- despite the fact we form guidelines and rules, we conceive ideas, make suggestions and give warnings. Despite all of that things still happen that we think we must do something about and yet nothing gets done.
Too often in these situations desperation and hopelessness set in and often grow into anger and rage.

Desperation will lead to acts of violence and terror-
These acts that scream for something to be done generally end with nothing being done except in extreme cases a period of incarceration that sometimes leads to a lifetime.

Incarceration does not work and yet as a society we persist in creating an illusion of safety, hiding and protecting ourselves from violence on one hand while we fertilize it with the other, while we turn blind eyes to our personal involvement of creation it grows like mold in the corner.
I offer my own passage through life as an example
You can read about it- “Inherited Rage” can be found at

My story contains many eerie similarities to Jacob Ind’s and too many others like him but with a twist. You can learn more about Jacob at His story can be found under “Mary Ellen;s blogs”. Like Jacob, and so many others, my crimes of self defense stemmed from a desperation & fear that grew from a series of events that were slowly killing me. My survival instincts overpowered my fear like an airbag exploding over the driver of a car in an accident.

The same thing happens to soldiers who find themselves in life or death situations in combat as well as the loving mother who’s helpless infant is in danger. It is a natural component of the human system. We were designed to try to survive at all costs. The desire to live has been programmed into the very essence of our soul and will drive us to do things with little or no rational thought.
I believe that is because in situations of fear and desperation there is no room for rational thought.

In educational systems throughout our society we are not taught to think- we are taught to do as we are told. We are judged by the actions we take in that same mode of doing, which is simply REACTIONARY! But rarely are we taught how to react- we are shown examples of what others have done and then told not to do it like that.

Society snobs will pay gold to keep out the “evil”, but they won’t lift a finger to stop it. They will create it in the privacy of their homes and release it on the world while denying they ever knew anything about it. Society will punish the creations and reward the creators by helping them punish there creations by turning a blind eye.

Yes that’s what happens when you give a juvenile a life sentence you turn a blind eye. You safely put the “derelict” away in an overpriced prison so you can pretend to be safe while you go about creating another disaster because you won’t stand up and fight what you know is wrong- heaven forbid anybody get a smudge of dirty emotions on there fingers much less real dirt.

No our citizens do not think about the consequences of the trash they create- trash that fills landfills and prisons alike- ironically most trash is filled with treasure that is quite valuable if someone would have just done a little good citizen repair. Instead they continue to create while citing everyone but themselves as the problem.

What will happen when those we have judged and incarcerated accumulate to be more than we can take care of? It’s just another gamble that we take to create the illusion of safety we unrealistically crave. Another gamble that may help us avoid the chores we have created. Another gamble to avoid work and keep our hands clean while the cesspool deepens at our ankles. When will we realize we are all guilty for the creation of the criminal?
Until we each take individual responsibility for ourselves as well as our neighbors nothing will change. The thought itself leads to desperation- and we wonder why we have issues with violence in our societies. In our homes. In our lives.