BY; Lone Heron

For the past many years I have been trying to find a non-profit organization to join up with to do my contribution as a good citizen and play my part. I have worked with non profits rescuing dogs and horses as well as children and the homeless. I even thought of trying to start my own non profit to help others but the truth of the matter is we don’t need another struggling non profit pretending to be something more than a smart way to avoid taxes.

Every single non profit group I found were up to their ears with more work than they could handle. They were so focused on the quantity that in many cases they forget about quality. I hold myself by a fairly high moral code I am told- I don’t think about it like that really, I try to do what I think is right even when those around me do not agree. I don’t agree with doing things “half ass’ I don’t agree with shutting up and going home. I don’t agree with “my way or the highway” even though I know sometimes that is the only way things can work. I say all this because in my tour of non-profits I found a lot of “half ass’. I found a lot of egos with good intentions but stalwart positions which do little to embrace the BIGGER PICTURE! I found a lot of people focused on their little corner of the problematic mountain. Every single individual I met had the cause they fought for held like a dog with a bone. Their determination to make a change was admirable, the dedication i found was amazing, the passion in these people was so unmistakable i wondered with some were they passionate or just plain crazy. Let me give you an example:

I have a long history with horses, climbed on my first one all by my self at age three and have been on and off horses ever since. I am 45 years old. I have ridden horses that were reputed unrideable, I have been called both a horse and dog whisperer by others. I don’t think there is any whispering involved personally, just common courtesy and respect.

I joined a non profit horse rescue group- the perfect place for me – I thought. I went to work with horses to get them people friendly and trusting again. The non profit starter, founder, generator, leader whatever his title was had a love for horses and was an excellent endurance rider in his youth which had past and been replaced with a weight that was unbearable by many of the horses in his “rescue” care and when he saw the progress I made I was asked to give lessons. No problem. Then the non profit tax evader to have a private hobby says to me this is how we give lessons – he then proceeds to bring in a kid who has never been on a horse except for a lead pony and throw the kid up on the horse hand him the reigns and say “go ride” and he hands me another set of reigns to another horse and says go ride with him. OK I spent 5 years working at a stable learning how to handle horses safely and this is not the way and i explain to him if i am going to give lessons we have ground lessons first to which he says to me “Dad is watching, dad is paying, you ride” I rode that day and i taught the boy a lot and after they left the egomania nightmare began in which i was yelled at and told i didn’t know what i was talking about when i told him he was creating a situation that eventually was gonna get someone hurt – long story short that was the last time i volunteered at that non-profit. I could go on and on with dozens of different similar examples. I can tell you that many non profits are good but not all of them so research your non profit- Know the people and how they are spending your money. To me a non-profit who is spending money to celebrate all the money they raised is not a good non-profit. put it in the paper put it on the wall of accomplishments but not in conjunction with all group members tying one on.
I personally don’t want my donations being wasted on getting a single volunteer drunk on cheap wine. Sorry but I will not donate to those groups. I will not donate to the group that has a group of animals whose needs are being ignored only to a lesser degree than before.

I found a few good people in non-profits who have stayed the course and they hold a true honorable course without wasting, grumbling or whining. They put their shoulder to the harness and heave ho only to find themselves limited by others around them. I am not naming any names here because i do not want to create further problems for those who are already overwhelmed and doing there best. For the rest I encourage you make this your motto:


I finally decided that non-profit should mean non-profit which simply means you don’t get crap.
This is not the same as profit by evasion or illusion, some people pretend they are working when they aren’t. From here on out I will continue to volunteer but i will do it on a private individual level. I will help those who I see trying to help themselves and the ones who ask for help and then stand around and do nothing to help… I will walk on by. Discernment is something we all need to learn and forgive me for saying, but some people just need to suffer. They dug the hole, they wont grab the rope, you get them out, they jumped back in – they must wanna suffer – so let them.

For the reader that notices i have reposted articles from non profits on my blog when i do this i am only endorsing the author of the reposted article NOT the non profit itself.

Personally I have come to the conclusion that all non-profit really means is ‘TAX BREAK”
I personally think everyone should pay taxes in ratio to income- yes i said it: the rich should pay more! WHY would i say that? Because the rich would not be rich if the poor man was not making him so. Every one I have ever known or heard of or studied who has created something that has made him wealthy did not do it alone. Think about that the next time your “wealthy” friend asks you for a favor. The next time you watch a million dollar moviestar movie ask yourself do you really want to pay this movie star to set a party lifestyle in the tabloids to influence your kids with while your money is accumulating to bail them out of whatever trouble they start? I personally think a certain amount of the money they make from us poor peeps should be required to help us not another countries poor peeps……. but what do i know? I know this I don’t have to watch their movies!