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Which would you choose: Cock, Snake &; Dog or Prison for life?
By: Lone Heron
Author: Inherited Rage

Google it if you don’t believe me, Worst roman punishment- applicable to parricide- the kid killed the parents and the authorities of the day then took a rooster, a dog and a poisonous snake along with the child who committed the crime of parricide- put them in a sack – tied the opening shut and throw them all in the river! Talk about case closed, that would do it, or at least that was the end of that one particular case. But what about the hundreds of thousands of kids who would commit this same crime of self defense down the lines of history and evolution? What about the ones that our society has sentenced?

I personally do not believe the crime of parricide deserves any punishment. These kids paid for their “crime” long before the idea to kill ever came into their consciousness. These kids are not criminals- they do not attack people out of the blue and should not be compared to a kid who is in jail for a drive by shooting on a complete stranger. A parricide child’s defense of himself should no more be considered a crime than the 83 year old who shot an intruder in the dark.

I do believe these kids should be given therapy and sent to school and protected from falling into the realms of education by those who pursue criminal activity because everyone else they know is and its “cool” not because someone who has repeatedly hurt them finally got a well deserved dose of their own! Yes I am opinionated about this particular subject because I have lived it and in this case I happen to believe I probably know more about parricide than 95% of anybody. Now I may not know the laws like Paul Mones, I may not know the psychology like dr Heidii but I know what it takes to heal from these events and I know that these events do not occur because parricide kids are “bad” I know this because I am a parricide kid all grown up into a productive, valued and appreciated adult member of society. I know more about parricide than you can ever learn from a book or a theory or a study because I lived it and I can tell you it’s not the child you should fear, but rather what you teach the child. What you give is what you will get. I would guess most parricide children are indigos (you can google indigo children to learn more). Indigos are excellent mirrors- and they are also very sensitive. They are agents of change.

We need change in this world. We need education instead of argumentation, we need education instead of medication but we won’t receive these things until we choose them. Until that time we will continue to struggle with these same negative elements in society. We need cooperation, understanding and patience to turn our ships around. We need a desire to do better in order to get better and we must get involved however we can, there is plenty to do and everyone can do something.

You can throw the “problem” in a bag or lock it up in a cell but it won’t stop the event from happening again if you just keep on living like you always have. It took the events of parricide
And untold hours of healing time for me to come to this stage. Each step I made was a choice sometimes conscious and others totally directed by subconsciousness. We are all the same and only when we change ourselves from within will the reflection the world gives back change.

Fighting only brings more fighting. Imprisonment only brings more imprisonment, not just for those imprisoned but most especially for those who are paying for the imprisonment of others. Whatever you do to another you do to yourself. We often don’t think about things like that but it is true, it is not always either immediate or literal but it is always true with a twist we often cannot foresee.

I think a lot – many tell me I think to much- but we were given a brain for a reason- and it has been through thinking and education more than anything else that has fed my quest in finding peace within me. The more ok I become with me the more powerful I become at attracting good things in my life. The more I focus on those the better I do. I bring good things by doing good things and by not agreeing to let others do bad things to me and that includes hitting me or putting me at risk or degrading me verbally. We all choose or we choose not to make a choice and then someone else will choose for us. So I will continue to think about things like “justice” and ”
judgement” and I will continue to agree to disagree as I use my thoughts to sail me deeper and deeper into a state of satisfaction and contentment.

Thoughts are important- they are the beginning of every path created,
~ words become actions ~ actions become habits
~habits become character ~ character becomes destiny.

So no matter if you end up in the ditch in the cold mud or
On a sunny hill under the dappled shade of a great oak
You took yourself there by the choices you made first and
foremost in the thoughts you thought whether you were consciously aware or not.

As a society we passed judgement (1st strike)
And said “the wrongdoers must be punished” (2nd strike)
“let’s incarcerate them , then we will be safe” (3rd strike)
the worst of all is the lie we told ourselves (we will be safe),
We tricked ourselves and we are not safe- because now we have to work twice as hard
And the problem continues to occur while the debts continue to rise.

Perhaps one day we will learn to communicate & educate instead of fight and control
Until then well I would have to say the roman version was much more efficient and
If I had a to make the choice ~ prison or snake, dog, rooster – I personally would
sign up for the river ride with the critters. It would be a short ride.


By: lone Heron

Have you ever noticed how bullies often seem to be angry people and they seem to like to pick on the underdogs until eventually one of two things happens either the underdog disappears or they explode and conquer the bully. If the underdog can avoid the bully he will but if he can’t, he gets his ass kicked til he figures how to fight back which is often just pure survival instinct.

Parricide kids grow up with bullies- I believe that bullies are produced because somewhere along the way they made a choice: stop being the underdog and become the bully. The hardass. The dominant being- having played both roles I can tell you neither is truly enjoyable but if there are only two choices I will dominate before I surrender to anothers domination. My preference however would be to operate on a level of communication and cooperation. Unfortunately not all others know how or are willing to interact on that level. For those people who I meet in life that want to dominate me I findI really only have two options:
1- find a way to stay away from them
2-be more powerful than they thus turning the table of domination back on them.

My first choice would be to move away – to put distance between, but what do you do when you cant distance yourself from the bully who continues to hurt you each time worse than the one before? What do you do when you try to get help and no one listens? What do you do when you are staring death in the face and know he’s coming for you if something does not change-
What do you do when the bully is on top of you, choking you and all you know is fear?

I think most of us would fight for our lives and that is ok as long as we don’t have to kill another to live? What part of a slow painful miserable death brought on by a long term bully masquerading as a parent does the legal system not get? Do the judges who sentence these individuals quietly carry quilt for some of the same issues from somewhere in their past? I do hope those judges who sentence do not have to live the parricide experience in their next life because of all of those they effectively bullied in this life by giving prison sentences to those who defended themselves.

I find It interesting, generally it seems the greater the external bully the greater the internal coward. I know when I stood facing my mother with the gun pointed at her for a moment her bully side completely disappeared and before me no longer stood the mighty controller who had ruled over me my entire life but a small frail coward – she raised her hands as if to stop me just as I had every time she hit me- but just like her I was no longer listening- my pain thresh-hold had exceeded it’s limit and I had no sense of rational reasonable thought, sympathy, empathy or even anger- just a sense of numb completion over shifting from bullied to bully. I wonder, what do those judges who sentence parricide victims to prison feel? I wonder, if those judges suddenly found themselves in the shoes of a parricide child in front of a society elected bully passing judgement if they too would freeze up in the spotlight.

The golden rule seems forgotten way to often, especially by so many who have been placed in positions of power by others. It’s very simple: Do unto others as you would have done unto you.
It seems to me the root of so many of our problems stem from this If we spent a little more energy on looking out for one another instead of competing with one another, we would not have half the problems we do.

Consider how you can contribute, lend a helping hand – even if you think someone is just the biggest jerk in the world, it’s amazing how a kind hand, a warm smile, a thoughtful gesture can turn even the greatest bullies heart. I believe bullies are simply people who have not been treated nice and so sadly the only thing they have to share is what they know- what would the world look like if bullies could learn a different way? I believe it is possible to change and grow but it will take everyone stepping forward in themselves and striving to be a better human. It will require that hearts open and shields drop. It will require for us to love one another instead of bully one another. It seems so simple and yet we just can’t seem to master it.

What will it take to forgive one another? What will it take to stop the very violent patterns that course through our very blood? Violence only begets more violence and education is expensive but the cost of our stubborn ignorance is three times as high. Making more laws changes nothing, incarceration changes very little but education has the power to change everything.
So take a moment and try something new. Move away from the insanity of doing the same things over and over hoping for different results that will never come.

by: Lone Heron

I have been in communication with a man who was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. The medication his doctor gave him resulted in a horrible rash that left him with more discomfort and nausea than before. The medications for nausea were not working. I showed him how to take a fresh piece of ginger about the size of the pinkie finger from the first knuckle to the tip- cut it up into thin slices and a fresh piece of garlic the same way, a few chopped up mint leaves, pour boiling water and allow to sit til cool. This ginger garlic mint tea settled the nausea in his stomach within ten minutes of drinking. Why did the medical doctors not suggest this? I think this is because many of our “Doctors” are no longer doctors but rather legal drug dealers.

I am not a doctor but I have spent the past twenty years learning and applying alternative healing techniques. I specialize in chronic pain and recovery related specifically to the connective soft tissues in the body, muscles, tendons, ligaments. I consider myself to be more than a licensed massage therapist as i have taken many additional classes in alternative healing and have helped people resolve issues from the common cold to pneumonia, cat scratches to tiger bites. I have helped many to avoid “unavoidable surgeries’ not by doctoring them but by helping them to understand there body and learn to understand the language it speaks.

I often run into people who are having medical issues in arenas i don’t typically deal with but they have not had good results with doctors and modern medicine has not worked and somehow they end up in my world of prevention seeking answers.

I believe because of the internet for the first time in history the patient has the power at their fingertips to double check their doctor and make decisions for themselves. I also think everyone should learn to make decisions for themselves instead of blindly following their doctors advice.

Truth of the matter is, it is becoming dangerous to take your doctor at his word. 100,000 people+ per year die because of medical misdiagnosis and mis-prescribed medications. That number doesn’t even touch the number of people who were simply inconvenienced and did not die. Those statistics don’t tell us the proportion of true successful visits. And how many true successful visits are there? Is is a successful cure if your doctor prescribed you lipitor for your cholesterol issue that you now must be on forever? Not in my book. In my book that is not a cure. In my book that is a legal drug addiction.

How about this example: I have a 9 year old client who at age 7 in a one month period was taken to the emergency room because her asthma was so bad that she had stopped breathing and was turning blue. Her Inhalers were no longer working. Her parents put her on my table as a last ditch effort after putting me off to follow the medical path for about three years. Two bodywork sessions designed to release the spasms in all of her breathing muscles and she has not had an asthma attack in two years.

Two bodywork sessions = $140 and two hours of time
one emergency room visit —–minimal of $500 if not more and your whole day is wasted.

Which treatment would you rather have if you had been this little girl?
An Inhaler or therapeutic bodywork?

Would your medical doctor have given you this option? Chances are not likely.
Doctor’s are not God, they make many mistakes. Make sure you don’t make the mistake of not checking out all of your options. Many surgeries are avoidable. Many drugs are unnecessary
but nothing will change unless you change. Ask your doctor about your options and if he does not have options for you – FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR.

BY; Lone Heron

For the past many years I have been trying to find a non-profit organization to join up with to do my contribution as a good citizen and play my part. I have worked with non profits rescuing dogs and horses as well as children and the homeless. I even thought of trying to start my own non profit to help others but the truth of the matter is we don’t need another struggling non profit pretending to be something more than a smart way to avoid taxes.

Every single non profit group I found were up to their ears with more work than they could handle. They were so focused on the quantity that in many cases they forget about quality. I hold myself by a fairly high moral code I am told- I don’t think about it like that really, I try to do what I think is right even when those around me do not agree. I don’t agree with doing things “half ass’ I don’t agree with shutting up and going home. I don’t agree with “my way or the highway” even though I know sometimes that is the only way things can work. I say all this because in my tour of non-profits I found a lot of “half ass’. I found a lot of egos with good intentions but stalwart positions which do little to embrace the BIGGER PICTURE! I found a lot of people focused on their little corner of the problematic mountain. Every single individual I met had the cause they fought for held like a dog with a bone. Their determination to make a change was admirable, the dedication i found was amazing, the passion in these people was so unmistakable i wondered with some were they passionate or just plain crazy. Let me give you an example:

I have a long history with horses, climbed on my first one all by my self at age three and have been on and off horses ever since. I am 45 years old. I have ridden horses that were reputed unrideable, I have been called both a horse and dog whisperer by others. I don’t think there is any whispering involved personally, just common courtesy and respect.

I joined a non profit horse rescue group- the perfect place for me – I thought. I went to work with horses to get them people friendly and trusting again. The non profit starter, founder, generator, leader whatever his title was had a love for horses and was an excellent endurance rider in his youth which had past and been replaced with a weight that was unbearable by many of the horses in his “rescue” care and when he saw the progress I made I was asked to give lessons. No problem. Then the non profit tax evader to have a private hobby says to me this is how we give lessons – he then proceeds to bring in a kid who has never been on a horse except for a lead pony and throw the kid up on the horse hand him the reigns and say “go ride” and he hands me another set of reigns to another horse and says go ride with him. OK I spent 5 years working at a stable learning how to handle horses safely and this is not the way and i explain to him if i am going to give lessons we have ground lessons first to which he says to me “Dad is watching, dad is paying, you ride” I rode that day and i taught the boy a lot and after they left the egomania nightmare began in which i was yelled at and told i didn’t know what i was talking about when i told him he was creating a situation that eventually was gonna get someone hurt – long story short that was the last time i volunteered at that non-profit. I could go on and on with dozens of different similar examples. I can tell you that many non profits are good but not all of them so research your non profit- Know the people and how they are spending your money. To me a non-profit who is spending money to celebrate all the money they raised is not a good non-profit. put it in the paper put it on the wall of accomplishments but not in conjunction with all group members tying one on.
I personally don’t want my donations being wasted on getting a single volunteer drunk on cheap wine. Sorry but I will not donate to those groups. I will not donate to the group that has a group of animals whose needs are being ignored only to a lesser degree than before.

I found a few good people in non-profits who have stayed the course and they hold a true honorable course without wasting, grumbling or whining. They put their shoulder to the harness and heave ho only to find themselves limited by others around them. I am not naming any names here because i do not want to create further problems for those who are already overwhelmed and doing there best. For the rest I encourage you make this your motto:


I finally decided that non-profit should mean non-profit which simply means you don’t get crap.
This is not the same as profit by evasion or illusion, some people pretend they are working when they aren’t. From here on out I will continue to volunteer but i will do it on a private individual level. I will help those who I see trying to help themselves and the ones who ask for help and then stand around and do nothing to help… I will walk on by. Discernment is something we all need to learn and forgive me for saying, but some people just need to suffer. They dug the hole, they wont grab the rope, you get them out, they jumped back in – they must wanna suffer – so let them.

For the reader that notices i have reposted articles from non profits on my blog when i do this i am only endorsing the author of the reposted article NOT the non profit itself.

Personally I have come to the conclusion that all non-profit really means is ‘TAX BREAK”
I personally think everyone should pay taxes in ratio to income- yes i said it: the rich should pay more! WHY would i say that? Because the rich would not be rich if the poor man was not making him so. Every one I have ever known or heard of or studied who has created something that has made him wealthy did not do it alone. Think about that the next time your “wealthy” friend asks you for a favor. The next time you watch a million dollar moviestar movie ask yourself do you really want to pay this movie star to set a party lifestyle in the tabloids to influence your kids with while your money is accumulating to bail them out of whatever trouble they start? I personally think a certain amount of the money they make from us poor peeps should be required to help us not another countries poor peeps……. but what do i know? I know this I don’t have to watch their movies!