Learning how to feel
By: lone Heron
Author of Inherited Rage -available at amazon.com

Learning how to communicate requires learning how to listen.

Learning how to truly listen
Requires learning how to feel.
How many can truly honestly say how they feel?
How do you feel today?

If you don’t feel good are you ignoring it just to get through the day? That’s what happens to children of parricide. They have to ignore their feelings just to survive. After years of this practice they become numb just like after listening to loud noises over time causes one to lose hearing. Ignoring how we feel causes a lack of feelings. Most of us have a choice but the child of parricide has no more of a choice about his feelings than the soldier who fights with heavy artillery has a choice about his hearing- even ear protection will not completely protect from the damage being done.

When we don’t have the compassion or the feeling to lift a finger to aide another in assistance when they are asking for it what gives us the right to judge them after they take care of the problem themselves? A good majority of our good Christian citizens who tell us we shouldn’t judge will be the first ones to turn on the evening news and make decisions they lack the information to honestly make. Looks like Judgement in my mind. The very Christians that turned a blind eye unwilling to help were the same damn busy bodies that visited me in jail wanting to help- but then it was tooooooo late. God will save you they said- to which I think if god worked those good Christians would have intervened but they did not because they only quoted what the bible said about God- that same program they were taught did not work at my house. They could not conceive much less understand and so they judged and to this day many still do. It is a very sad situation, ignorance and fear breed segregation that is based upon emotional intelligence which relates to how we feel that the majority never even acknowledge.

We are told at various points how we are not to feel- but how are we supposed to feel?
And what do we do with those feelings that gnaw away and turn us into less than what we were meant to be. what are we supposed to do with those feelings we don’t want to feel? I don’t believe it was meant for us to go around feeling like we weren’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, rich enough whatever enough….. But these were the things we learned from a society that doesn’t want to communicate and build but rather a society that needs to tear something down to make an some other individual feel better. What happened to focusing on the subject at hand and dealing with it instead of sweeping it under the rug where it could grow into a monster.
What happened to agreeing to disagree- what happened to the idea of reciprocation? What happened to the idea: If you scratch my back I will scratch yours and everybody can be itch free.

I have helped many and i believe i was able to do so because I learned to help myself first. No one else seemed to be able to hear or wanted to hear what I was saying and therefore they couldn’t help me, but boy did they judge me for helping myself! I believe the ones who were the angriest were also feeling the guiltiest because they didn’t do anything to change the course of anything. Those who stand by and watch the crime occur while doing nothing are as guilty as the ones doing wrong in my opinion. They are approving the action by not defying it. Until our society realizes how they assist in the creation of the crime committed by the criminal we will not resolve our problems. We cannot do this until we learn how to feel. We can not do this until we become more compassionate and accepting of how others feel, and yet the idea of emotional education is very foreign to most of us. We rarely stop and consider how we feel unless something in our body actually hurts, if we were to learn to reflect upon how we feel I am thinking many of our physical as well as emotional and mental issues would automatically dissolve simply because as we started to hone in on how we felt we would also hone in on those lil things that build into big things and stop them before they became crises or monsters.


Inherited Rage Progress report for 2012

2012 Inherited Rage became available to the general public via Amazon.com
Attention was drawn to inherited rage through blogs put out here and through
The pendulum foundation via Mary Ellen Johnson. Mentions were made by
Dan Daily in his blogs. Not much else was Done.
Inherited rage made approximately 500$ profit it’s first year on amazon.
300 dollars of that money was paid to the company hired to get it up on the net
The remaining 200 dollars has been sent and received by Dan daily to install a water pump on the property at Estrella vista. Dan holds open doors on his property for parricide kids to have a place to come home to once they are released from incarceration and are trying to find their place to live free of violence in a violent world- it is a difficult chore.

I am thrilled with the responses I have received from readers – only one in a year had a negative commentary- you can find that one one star review on amazon.com next to all the five star reviews. And for the record- all of those reviews are from different people -some I know, but more I don’t.
I wrote Inherited Rage with the intention that my story, as dreadful as it is, would help others
I know it is serving its purpose due to the readers response and I am thrilled that it has accumulated enough funds to make a difference for someone else.

If you have read Inherited Rage and have not, please post a review on Amazon – good or bad-
All are beneficial.
To my readers thank you for your support to help raise awareness on
The issues we all face with abuse in our society.

Below you will find a copy from Amazon reports for IR,




For a period of 1 year, 171 copies of IR sold and collected 649.67 in royalties.

Sweat Equity
By: Lone Heron
I threw the television out ages ago and my home became nstantaneously more pleasant and peaceful. However, I still have the Internet and when I look on there and allow the world and the events occurring in the realm of politics to enter my mindframe it makes me want to scream, turn off the machine and run for the hills.

All the woe is me – the argumentation-
The power plays and the struggles that keep people trapped in situations where they don’t want to be in is endless. The problem has not changed in nover two hundred years- probably not since the beginning of time when we were still the land of Pan. It is quite simple really, when you boil it all down it is the same enduring war between the haves and the have nots that has gone on from the beginning of time and will no doubtedly continue until this planet is no more.

Many of us tend to forget that our focus is fertilizer and whatever we focus on in life is what will grow. If we all keep our focus on positive things and get on with our chores things would work out with out all this crap- Half or more of the people I read about are the problem -they sit on their asses looking for a handout, looking for someone to save them when the only person that can save themselves is them. When we help ourselves, others want to help us- when we bash ourselves (mentally, verbally, emotionally or physical), others will also do this in the most amazing innocuous ways. Monkey see – Monkey do!

Many forget,’this country was built on more than anything else -‘courage, sweat equity and good old survival of the fittest. The fittest did not whine moan and groan,’they asked “what’s it gonna take?”, and put their backs into it. They took full and complete responsibility for themselves. They didn’t look for big brother or uncle sam, God Almighty, Jesus, Buddha or anyone else to bail them out.

No-they got up everyday and went out in horrid weather with no warm shower and no electricity to brew the coffee to start their day. They made make mention of the realities they faced but they did not complain. They pulled their bootstraps up and got their hands dirty getting on with the doing of things that needed to be done.

We should all do the same if for no other reason than to simply acknowledge and give thankful gratitude to our elders who paved the way for us to be here today with bootstraps to pull up.

All to many times I here people say “oh I don’t want to do that”. Well get over it life doesn’t get lived by keeping your hands clean and callous free. The rest of us who have pulled up our bootstraps don’t want to be your mama or your daddy! No we want you to get off your ass and join u’s to make a better world- not stand in line for a handout.

Everybody can do something to improve-
…..Find your something……

Lone Heron, Author of Inherited Rage can be found at amazon.com

By: lone Heron

Memory is really quite interesting- it is affected by so many different factors including diet, hydration, stress, hormones, emotions, trauma environment… I could go on for pages listing all the things that effect our brains including electronic devices, radio, tv, media, the pesky neighbor,
We forget about things and then remember we forgot-
We forgive trespasses and try to forget only to be trespassed again. We hit the pot hole at the end of the street even though it’s been there for years.

I became especially aware of my brain and memory after a horse accident in 2000. I sustained a head injury that left me with a nasty concussion. I slept for three and a half days. When I regained consciousness I was missing memory pieces- damage had been done I no longer had color vision
My vision was black and white. My language centers had been affected and I realized I couldn’t remember what the difference between to, two and too among other things. I was angry, angrier than I had ever been except one other time in my life. ( You can read about that other time in “Inherited Rage” available at amazon.com I saw red and was fighting mad. I was so mad I could taste blood. Yet there was none.

The brain has powers unrealized and accidents and injury can spur the brain into stimulating the body into unexpected action as can fear. Balancing the brain nutritionally is part of the recovery process required to move beyond events that create PTSD. Our government ignores this in both our soldiers and prisoners and thus don’t complete the project of recovery they begin. How do we change this? I suggest put them on farms where they can grow enough herbs and foods to facilitate their own healing as well as return some to the citizens who have been paying the bill for them for years.

The importance of balanced bodywork
and proper foot posture.
By: Deb Jackson, LMT. NMT

I have been practicing bodywork for 20 years- and in that twenty years I have come to realize the way you approach the individual issue you are working with will greatly determine the results achieved. Muscles pull, they do not push and very often where you feel pain is not where it is originating from.

When you go in to see your massage therapist because your aching back has become so ridiculous you want someone to grab the screaming muscle and pull back, you are potentially putting yourself in a position to make the situation worse. If your therapist stretchs an already over stretched muscle chances are high that even if you do get relief it will only be temporary.

It is of utmost importance to look at the bigger picture in situations of pain.

The musculature system works with some similarity to a spider web. If you can imagine a perfect spiderweb spun in a doorway and now pull just one single spider web strand and you will see how that one strand affects the whole web then you are getting a very clear example of how the human musculature system is very similar.

If you pull one muscle it will torque and pull the entire system either directly or indirectly.

In cases of shoulder pain I notice more often than not that the shoulders tend to roll forward and often in or down. This tells me the posterior (back) muscles are overstretched long and the balancing anterior (front) muscles are too short.

I also notice more times than not these same people who have shoulder issues have a tendency toward low back and/or hip pain They almost always have less than balanced foot posture. Either they have a habit of standing on one foot with the other out there in space pointing some opposing direction other than forward. I this is not the case they may be habituated to stand with their feet close together in what I call the good girl foot posture. These imbalanced foot posture patterns will almost always lead to pain and discomfort in the human body.

It is as equally important to identify and develop good foot posture as it is to identify which muscles are too short and which are too long if you want to maintain a pain free musculature system.

In many cases of neck and shoulder tension I see anterior muscles that have contracted very short due to the posterior muscles being overstretched and long. To balance this type of dynamic one must focus treatment to the anterior body and this will release the majority of the pain before actually working on the area of pain.

Massage and bodywork sessions that take these situations into consideration
Will yield much greater results than those who do not.
Here you will now find a letter of testimony that describes the difference in a session that has been designed for an individual with these type of imbalances. The proof that this approach is superior can be found in heather’s unsolicited testimony.
Thank you Heather!

From: Heather Raye
Date: November 1, 2012
To: loneheron@gmail.com
Subject: Bodywork

Hi Deb,
Heather Raye here, from yesterday. I wanted to share with you how rewarding my experience with you yesterday was. First of all, like I said yesterday, NOBODY has ever addressed my abdominal area/torso with massage. It was either a massage with no consideration for that area or the exact opposite..an MD only concerned with the goings on inside my abdomen.
I am amazed at how much difference breathing makes. I felt areas of my body expand and stretch that I had not in years. One of the things beside all the dysfunction in my digestion that I realized may be contributing to the tightness in my chest and stomach is probably because I am constantly holding my stomach in so I do not appear pregnant. I am not pregnant, trust me, but when I relax all the abdominal muscles I appear badly bloated and about 6-7 months pregnant. I am not fat, maybe 8-10 lbs over ideal weight. It seems all that extra weight is right in my belly. If I hold it in, most of it disappears. I’m sure you can address this and we can fix it, but breathing deeply caused me to discover it. I have been in a constant “suck it in” mode since I had my daughter 20+ years ago. That’s A LOT of sucking, ha ha. My abdomen felt so open from the combination of breathing and the body work you did. It was foreign, but I liked it. There was a little tenderness over my liver, but it was a good hurt. It leaves my body yearning for another session, seriously.
The difference in my health from just one visit with you is remarkable and I would be foolish not to pursue it.
I can and should take better care of myself. It’s refreshing to find professionals such as yourself and Dr. Pam who really want to educate and help people feel better instead of stringing them along. You all have been an inspiration to me to try again and take charge of my body and health, and I am very grateful.


How do you stop a dog fight?
By: Lone Heron

I was at the local park yesterday where I visit regularly with my dog, Baxter.
It is a nice park with trails complete with fields, thick woods and streams and two dog runs where people can release there dogs to play and socialize with others in a large fenced area.

Baxter and I were in the dog enclosure with approximately a dozen or so other dogs and people.
I was throwing the ball for Baxter when I became aware of unfriendly growling noises and shouts of no coming from a group behind me. Two dogs were beginning the engagement of what in just a few short moments would escalate into a full blown dog fight.

Ironically it only took a moment before the people in the dog park had encircled the dogs. The situation was quite dangerous and if something or someone did not intervene blood was going to be drawn. I could see the dogs escalating in there fight and no one making moves to stop it.

I started running and as I approached the circle I began yelling in a very loud demanding commanding tone ” no fighting- you dogs will not fight -NONONONNOOOOOOOOO” – when I passed through the ring of people circling my voice was louder than any single persons in the circle and I was running – I had a ball in one hand which I threw into the face of one biting dog while I kicked the other one in the hip all the while roaring at them-
“NO NOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOO NO “. The surprise caused both dogs to take there attention away from one another just long enough for someone to safely grab and separate them.

In these situations it might be tempting to reach in and try to grab the dog— this is something that should never be risked. When the dog is in the heat of a fight he may not recognize or differentiate between your hand and the other dog. I have seen people bitten, dragged and mangled because they reached in to grab a fighting dogs collar.

There are many ways to stop a dog fight- if you have a water hose and can turn water on the dogs
That will often work-anything you can throw into their face that will not do real damage- if nothing else is available pick up sand and throw it- I had a dog attack a dog I was with who then picked up and fought back. I just happened to have a cup of hot coffee in my hand which I threw into the dog’s faces – fight ended, simple- and you thought coffee was just for drinking!

If you have a leash – you can use it like a whip right across the nose’s of the fighters- this will sometimes stop them. – throwing anything relatively safe into there face in conjunction with a shove/kick to the dog’s hip throwing them off balance all the while screaming at the top of your voice in a commanding, demanding tone has been very effective for me personally.

The importance of remembering.