Alternative Healing for Everyone!
By: Lone Heron
Author of Inherited Rage avail on

We all love Dr Oz- and the information he brings but what do we do with all of that knowledge?

Alternative health has really hit the mainstream. It is big business and it seems everyone wants to join the movement towards better health by whatever means possible. There are massage therapist, chiropractors and herbs on every corner along with at least a dozen different alternatives in between. From common food elements on the grocery shelf to essential oils to magnets and water filtration systems. Better life styles WILL be attained, but at what cost?

How do you, as a consumer with little to no background in alternative health care know which path to choose? Which proprietor to join? Which herb to take or not to take? It can be a confusing industry for the new consumer.

Massage and chiropractic – Many do not fully comprehend the difference between these two modalities. Chiropractors adjust bones. Massage therapist address soft tissue issues. Each practitioner will blend from different styles and modalities to facilitate desired results.
A poorly trained therapist can do more damage than help, where as a therapist who applies the wrong modality will just waste your money.

Vitamins and herbs – Which ones are good and which ones are not? Just because the label says they are good for you does not mean it’s true. Just because Dr Oz or any other doctor says it does not mean it is true. How do you really know? Many foods are medicines and will help balance and eliminate many health issues minor and major but which ones are they?

Muscle testing- kinesiology Is a very simple muscle strength test that can guide you to get answers from your own body – it never lies and does not have an agenda on your wallet. I believe this is one of the ways to find out what your body needs and I believe everyone should take the time to learn this form of communication with their own systems. Having the knowledge of muscle testing allows the capacity to ask your own body anywhere, anyplace, anytime a simple yes or no – positive or negative question: Will this product, person,situation….. Benefit me? Yes or no?

I use kinesiology regularly when buying things in the grocery or vitamin isle. Wayne dyer demonstrates the technique and shows how you can even determine if music is good or bad for you. I find kinesiology to be invaluable to assist clients to make choices that help them as opposed to hinder them. If you are interested to know more ask your alternative care practitioner about kinesiology – if they don’t have an answer, that might be a sign for you to dig a lil deeper into the alternative world yourself.