Wandervogel Diary

My kids have been absolutely wonderful to me since I had this stroke. I have talked with Henry every week. Paco has called repeatedly. I spoke with Sarah three times today–she is driving her daughter to Disney World. I don’t think I would have gotten through this thing in one piece were it not for my kids.

My friends have been wonderful, too. Dusty has called to check in on me. Paul called me the day after he returned from Brazil. Lone Heron has called almost every week.

inherited rageLone Heron–a pseudonym–I have learned so much from her and her experience as a parricide growing up. I have learned so much from her book Inherited Rage. I have concluded that parricides are a breed apart, situationally defined, no danger to me nor to society, and that our best bet is to convince a prosecutor that the “typical” parricide should not be…

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