Second Chances
By: Lone Heron

I believe in second chances. I have to. I believe things happen sometimes that escalate so dramatically out of control we can only be left spinning, seeking the ground for security, both metaphorically as well as literally. If you have ever been caught up in one of these energetic whirlwinds you know how easy it is to get locked in and not be able to change the course. Strapped into a chain of events that are bound to break eventually. All chains have the potential to break if they come up against something stronger, and there is always something stronger than the weakest link, which always contains fear.

Fear of pain, fear of incarceration, fear of loneliness, fear of acceptance, fear of commitment, of water, of spiders, of life or death, of dogs and snakes, responsibility, the government, the boss, the mom , dad, husband or wife, or simply the state of modern society, ….fear is different for different people. Fear is the strongest of all the motivating movement oriented emotions, Fear drives anger with such power it completely hides itself behind the battering ram of rage that defends and kills. No more pain, no more spiders.

The subconscious mind is secretive, powerful and patient. It sits quietly waiting to fill our every wish. Diligently recording notes from every random thought generated by our daily conscious experiences. Attracting more experiences led by the choices we consciously and unconsciously make.

I think when the extreme thing has happened like parricide or random unexpected public shootings, these events have been mixed like a bad soup from societies mental menus of subconscious control and idea delivery: movies, books, media, role models exemplifying a variety of opinions and thoughts that any unacknowledged student can pick up and assimilate in ways that were not intended. Meth is a perfect example, as is parricide, as are random shootings.

I do believe in second chances but without education, specifically, emotional education, mentors, corrective guidance and doors opening to pursue that second chance on a different path in conjunction with a strong determination to do better from the individual, it simply won’t work. You can’t take an offender of any crime and expect him to do differently in the same set of situations. That is basically the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Most people get into trouble because they find themselves at a dead end where they can see no other way. It doesn’t matter if that is the truth or not- it’s the only truth they can see. We are ultimately forward moving beings. We have moved so fast we have set our own trap and we ALL play a part- one way or another in the successes of second chances.

I know second chances can work, I am a successful second chance story. You can find my story: Inherited Rage By: Lone Heron at